Brent Nicholls, Esq., JD, LLM.
  • Lead Attorney for all Business Law Cases
  • ​30 Years of Experience 
  • Member of the U.S. Tax Court 
  • LLM in Tax Law from NYU
  • Areas of Expertise:  Taxation, Corporate Services, Employment,  
    ​Intellectual Property, and Personal Injury

What We Do




KN Law assists both businesses & individuals with challenging tax law issues. We have the experience in this difficult area of the law in everything from tax planning to IRS collection actions, including where necessary tax court litigation 

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The attorneys at KN Law understand the complexities behind the administrative prosecution and actual litigation of employment claims. 

Business Law

​Business Law


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Intellectual Property

In business, your name is your reputation. It’s up to you to protect your name. The Intellectual Property attorneys at KN Law have experience you can trust to guide you about the best ways to protect your business name. 

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If you have been injured because of someone else's wrongful behavior, you may be entitled to win damages in court. 

Corporate Services

From the day a new business is conceived, it will encounter a host of legal issues.  From selecting the optimal business structure to negotiating contracts....more